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.Net Accounting – Why Should You Migrate To .Net Accounting?

September 9th, 2008

Are you still using VB6 Accounting? It is time to upgrade your system to .Net Accounting! With the introduction of Visual Studio, .Net Accounting has become more popular…Some are migrating to ASP.Net, and some are still preferring Windows based .Net Accounting.

In The Microsoft agenda to merge both Windows and web application is through the .Net platform. More and more application has been developed under .Net, inevitably obsolete Win32 application in the near future! With the .Net power, developer can easily develop application that runs on Windows and web.

Have you heard of Silver light technology? It is a fancy name for “flash” application in the web world, with additional support that will enable both offline windows application and online web application to share the same code base, saving the effort and time for developer to “cross platform” from windows to the web.

It is time to migrate into the .Net platform, including Accounting and other business application! Visual Studio 2008 provides some great support for Rapid Application Development in .Net, you can easily leverage such a technology to increase you business application development effort 5 times or more!

Start migrating to .Net Accounting today, leverage the power of .Net system and be prepared to move into “Windows Web” eras!

Announcement: Cynics Software is now Official Reseller for StimulSoft Product!

August 15th, 2008

Cynics Software is now StimulSoft official dealer for Reports.Net product, a Superb report writer for dot net platform, including ASP.Net! All report created using this software can be interoperate between different languages, Windows and Web. By using StimulSoft Reports.Net, developer can easily create report writer (even for web developer) for end user, hence increase the productivity, value of the software and provide highest flexiblity to reporting creation.

I urge all visitors to consider this product, at least visit the site to gather more information.

For Cynics Customer, there will be a 15% discount on the normal price, and for general visitor, if purchase through our link will still enjoy 5% discount off normal price. Please visit StimulSoft today for more information or Purchase it here: StimulSoft Reports.Net.

Cynics Accounting Basic Requirements

July 16th, 2008

I got some emails asking me CompsDBs is not define or CSSimpleCrypto is not define… and the build seems to fail, the fact is they are using the Visual Basic 2005 Express edition!

Cynics Accounting full source CAN be compile on Visual Basic 2008 Express edition with / without modification depending on your settings, but NOT COMPILABLE in VB2005 Express!

We officially support Visual Studio 2005 Pro With SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 Pro, express edition is not included and not recommended for serious commercial environment! Although I tested it on VB2008 Express Edition…

So if you are having trouble compiling, upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 Pro! More interesting stuff on RAD in VS2008. Enjoy your programming…!

Online Purchase Scam…

July 1st, 2008

I am getting some concern about online purchase scam, let me clarify here:

I purchase online all the time, but I am skeptic and careful about it! Few sources I am comfortable:

1. Paypal – Because they own by eBay and I have been using it for years!

2. 2CO – They are a reputable merchant, I am comfortable buying from them.

3. WorldPay

4. Digital River

and much more.

The key to avoid scam is “only buy from reputable website or merchant”. If people spend so much time to build a website and software, and they are using well known payment collector, the chances of being scam will be greatly reduced!

I find that most people asking such a question are from 3rd world country, even Malaysian have such a question as well.

There are many good product selling online, especially software and information product, if you have no confidence, try to apply a “use and throw” credit card, top up to certain value then throw away after using it!

Good luck to online shopping!

Accounting Software Affiliate Program – Source Code Based Accounting Affiliate Program

June 19th, 2008

Cynics Software are proud to announce the available of our affiliate program, if you are operating a programming related website or accounting related website and like to have a cut of our profit, just join our affiliate program and put some banner on your site, take you 10 minutes to setup, and you are done!

We provide Banner ads, Text link ads and even rebrandable ebook to help you promote our product, just a few simple steps and you can share profit with our high price and high commission sales!

You can earn as high as USD899 * 35 = USD314.65 per sales, it starts from 15%…

Click here to find out more about Cynics Software Affiliate Program

Death Of Delphi And Delphi For PHP!

June 14th, 2008


I have been using Delphi for the pass 10 years, recently about 2 years ago I switch to Visual Studio 2005. Yesterday I downloaded Delphi for PHP, though give a try…

You know what, it really sucks… excuse me. The reasons are:

1. It still remains the old Windows based programming mindset when designing the tools, nothing like PHP or ASP.NET style, where you can easily align controls and forms with or without tables…

2. Borland abandoned it, and the resources are not there to develop a killer application like Delphi 10 years ago.

3. No reasons for ASP.NET developer to use Delphi for PHP.

4. No reasons for PHP developer to use it too, simply because it doesn’t feel like PHP coding…

I love both ASP.NET and PHP for different applications but Delphi seems to be dead, at least now I declare it dead!

If you thought Delphi for PHP is RAD tools and give you the power of PHP, think again! Your skill and market will be limited. I am still looking for good Realtime IDE and designer for PHP, it seems like only ASP.NET can provide such convenient. I still prefer to write business software with ASP.NET.

I hope one day PHP has something similar to ASP.NET, but it is still a long way to go…

Do You Really Need Source Code Accounting?

June 12th, 2008

M… I can’t answer that for you, it depends on your requirement, and what you really want for your company. If your company does not have an IT support team, software development team, most probably you do not need one! Unless you are commited to customize software, and you have a good outsource team or company to create the software for you!

Source code based software is good for customization, and customization is only good if you know how to design it. When I said “design”, I mean you need to design you the company process, from start of purchasing, process documents to strategic reports generation, all must integrate into whole company marketing strategy to create “competitive advantages”.

Think about your trading company, how efficient can you plan your cash flow to generate maximum income? May be in the pass it takes you 100,000 cost to generate 1 million sales, what if the system can help you achieve 1 million sales with 50,000 cost? That means you can double your sales with the same 100,000 cost, isn’t that great?

If you can use your resources efficiently, that means more bullets for your company to dominate the market, that gives you the competitive advantages over your competitor!

Conventional standard software is sufficient for most company, especially small to medium size company. When a company grow from medium size to the large size, they need good strategy to overcome the bottleneck, that is when they really need to think seriously for the customization system.

Look at your company position, think about it, especially when you already have a team of experts…Get the source code accounting, don’t go for standard packages anymore…

How To Setup Connection Between Server, Client and POS?

June 6th, 2008

Do you know you can connect Cynics Accounting client and POS remotely from a dial-up connection? Let me show you the scenario…


The Cynics Server can be configure with SQL server on the same machine or differently, if differently, you just need to setup the proper connection string in the CSAccountSvr.exe.config

  <!–connectionString=”Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=CSAccountDB;Integrated Security=True”–>
  <add name=”CSAccountDatabaseIntf.My.MySettings.CSAccountDBConnectionString”
       connectionString=”Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=CSAccountDB;Integrated Security=True” <== This is the line
    providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient” />

Notice the line, connectionString, just change it to any standard connection string that connect SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2005 Express.


On the client site, locate CynicsAccounting.exe.config file and find the line below:

<client displayName=”CSSystemManager”>
  <wellknown displayName=”CSSystemManager” type=”CSAccountDatabaseIntf.ICSAccountDatabaseIntf, CSAccountDatabaseIntf” url=”tcp://localhost:5000/CSSystemManager.rem”/>

Notice the url=”tcp://localhost:5000…”, change the localhost to your address in the remote server machine.

For example your server IP address is then the line will be:

<wellknown displayName=”CSSystemManager” type=”CSAccountDatabaseIntf.ICSAccountDatabaseIntf, CSAccountDatabaseIntf” url=”tcp://”/>

If you cannot connect after changing the address, please check your server firewall settings, remember to open port 5000.

Now on the POS client site, locate CSPOSClient.exe.config file, and find the line below:

<client displayName=”CSSystemManager”>
  <wellknown displayName=”CSSystemManager” type=”CSAccountDatabaseIntf.ICSAccountDatabaseIntf, CSAccountDatabaseIntf” url=”tcp://localhost:5000/CSSystemManager.rem”/>

Change the url=”tcp://localhost:5000…” to the IP address where the server located.

If you cannot connect after changing the address, please check your server firewall settings, remember to open port 5000.

To change the settings at design time, locate app.config in CSAccountSvr project, CynicsAccounting Project and CSPOSClient Project. Normally you don’t need to modify these files, because you need default settings to run on the same machine.

The best way to test the setup is download the demo from DEMO TRIAL, try the settings and if everything successful, then try your modified and compiled source code.

If you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accounting Source Code – Do You Need Accounting Source Code?

June 4th, 2008

Accounting source code not only benefits software developer, but also benefit company end user as well. However, the fact still remains the needs of programmer to help them customize their system! For in-house developer and software company, there are 5 benefits to use source code based accounting:

Benefit #1 – Save mass license cost.
When the company needs many client licenses, royalty free source code seems to fits in properly, saving thousands and even millions of dollars in software cost! In long run, the software will become the company asset, and not just an “authorize to use license”.

Benefit #2 – The power to change.
Every developer knows they can do anything to the source code: Change it, enhance it or extend it. A highly customize system will work hand in hand with the company operation flow, greatly reduce the company operation cost in long run, and creates the competitive advantages for the company!

Benefit #3 – Reduce integration cost.
When integrating with 3rd party accounting system, the developer will need API / SDK from the accounting software vendor, they will need to comply to the accounting software API / SDK standard, the ability to customize will be limited. With Accounting source code, developer will be able to do integration through standard API or even create their own integration interface!

Benefit #4 – Speed up operation.
Only highly customizable systems can fully speed up the operation, standard accounting system will need the operation to adapt to it, instead adapting to the operation needs! When a company invested huge money in Information Technology, they want the process highly automated, not just glue together a bunch of loose pieces, and at the end of the day spending more money and more work!

Benefit #5 – Fast coding.
Advanced programming tools like Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 provides extensive sets of RAD utility to help developer code in the visual way. With a good source code that adapt to the technology, and taking advantage of Rapid Application Development power, can greatly accelerated the development time and reduce overall development cost.

So do you think you need the accounting source code? Definitely a “yes”! Why buy software that limit yourself when you can have all the power to make the software work for you? Think about it…

(C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE – Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

Download a copy of Sample General Ledger Source Code or visit the Cynics Software Accounting Source Code website for more detail information.

STFB Accounting Or Cynics Accounting?

May 30th, 2008

STFB Accounting provides full feature for online accounting, but the greatest challenge for the online accounting system will be the security. Online user always concerned about their how secure is the financial data when anyone with the password will be able to access such information, without any needs for special program, that’s the beauty of STFB accounting.

Fortunately with proper coding in ASP.Net, security is tighter and less concerns as a problem for online user, they can enjoy the flexibility and the power of Internet to access their financial data anywhere, any time! However, online user should always be alert to online fraud, phishing email and telephone calls. Hacker will be able to steal the user password by deploy backdoor keylogger or spyware into their computer.

To avoid such a threat, there are 2 options.

Option #1 – Implement second level of security.
Implement the hardware based password generator or special access card with a mapping table, user can follow online instruction to access the mapping table and find the second password to enter into the system. Without the physical hardware or access mapping table, the hacker will not be able to steal the information.

Option #2 – Use alternative Windows software.
User can consider switching from web accounting to the online Windows based accounting system such as Cynics Windows Accounting. Cynics Windows Accounting allows user with the Internet connection to remote access their data anywhere anytime, but require a special client program to login, the hacker will not be able to access without the Windows client program, this add better security against web based accounting.

There are no doubt STFB Accounting is more convenient, but at the security stand point, Cynics Accounting seems to be more secure. Although both come with source code, and the developer can implement secondary security with no problem, however, the fact still remain that web based accounting is more vulnerable!

Depending on your company environment, if web access is not a requirement, it will be wise to always use the windows based accounting system over web based accounting. Unless the company strategy relied heavily on the success of web based ERP system, then developer should use STFB Accounting and add secondary security to the system.

(C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE – Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

Visit Cynics Software and find out more about Online Windows Accounting or try to download the Trial Accounting Source Code and find out how dot net remoting works!

.Net Inventory System

May 30th, 2008

Dot Net Inventory System combines the power of the dot net platform into inventory control software, providing the most flexible, powerful and highly customization solution for both developer and end user. When we talk about Inventory, the database system plays most important part, from storing data to processing, it all down to the database to produce updated reporting. A good inventory control system consists of 4 main components…

Component #1 – Scalability.
From the software interface to database storage, all must be scalable to support a larger amount of items and transaction. Multiple end user interface ensure suitability on different application, the dot net platform is extremely portable and supporting multiple different interface, from web to windows and Silverlight cross platform presentation layer.

Component #2 – Extensible.
Source code based software will provide the highest extensibility, developer can easily modify, enhance and extend feature and functionality to the system. Good source code design must be plug-able, easy to integrate and RAD in nature. RAD means Rapid Application Development; The source code itself must be created in RAD tools to ease the future enhancement.

Component #3 – Real-time performance.
No matter if the system process data in real-time or batch, it must be able to provide “real-time” performance, fast and accurate. This highly dependent on the stored procedure coding in the server site processing. If the software cannot handle a large volume processing in time, it will be a problem for another Integrated system, such as Point of Sales or Warehouse control system, delay processing will also delay reporting.

Component #4 – Remote Access.
Every business software today must equip with remote access, that’s why web based application has become many software vendor’s priority, they all need to provide the information anywhere, anytime! For the security reason, some people might prefer powerful Windows client that connect through Internet for access the information.

Always use these 4 components as a guide to select the proper software for your company. Company with the development team should always consider the source code based Inventory system, and only source code based Inventory can provide the highest flexibility to a development team.

(C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE – Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

Find out more information from Cynics Software regarding: .Net Inventory System.

Rapid Application Development Tutorial – 2

May 29th, 2008

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the hierarchy updates introduced in VS2008, you will be surprise how fast you can add Master Details update to your program…3 minutes!

01 - DetailGrid

Now, drag and expand the width for detail grid.

02 - Prepare to drag

We need to drag the detail grid into the form, but do not drag the root’s “Order Details”, instead, open up “Orders” -> “Order Details” and drag the inner “Order Details” into the form.

03 - Grid
You notice the grid dropped into form, the ProductID is not something meaningful, I will show you how to link Product Table into this field.

04 - EditColumn

Click the small arrow on the top right of the grid, then click “Edit Columns”.

Read the rest of this entry »