3-tier Design

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More and more developer had move from conventional file database to client-server and multi-tier / 3-tier application design. Cynics Accounting is design to be 3-tier in nature to minimize database resources and capable to extend itself into more powerful multi-user networking environment.


Essential Accounting

Figure 6


Figure 6 shows client 1 from internet can be easily connected through dialup or broadband into the server, or in networking environment, developer can easily extend new server to support more users.


Multiple user can connect to Cynics Accounting Server, and multiple Cynics Accounting Server can connect to the database server.



Figure 7

The server program will be minimized into taskbar


3-tier design is possible by employing .NET remoting, a powerful technology that works similar to web services but allow more native kind of communication (data transfer in binary format). This will allow user to send and receive data through dial up connection with minimum waiting time. (Current design is not optimize to dialup connection, but developer can employ similar design with current architecture easily)


Although 3-tier design might look complicated to programming, but Visual Studio 2005 just provide sufficient tools for R.A.D. development.



Figure 8


User will first need to define the Data interface to be use for both Server and Client, do that just like normal 1 tier application with Dataset Designer.


Figure 9


Then implement the actual create dataset, fill dataset and update dataset at CSSystemManager, because the actual data processing is done by server.


Figure 10


User can then load the dataset for visual development.




User can load the dataset object to be use by form.


Figure 12


Select Object from datasource configuration wizard.


Figure 13


Select CSAccountDatabasetIntf and select the dataset to be use in the form.


Figure 14

User can now drag and drop the field into the form and enjoy R.A.D. development even with 3-tier design !