Account Settings

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Account Settings - Also refer as chart of account, there are 7 types of account.


1.Fixed Asset
2.Current Asset
3.Long Term Liability
4.Current Liability


The Active column indicate current account status. Only active account can be use to enter data in the transaction.


Account code can be any combination of character and number, but is recommended to use :


Account that is type fixed asset start with 1xxx or 1-XXX, current asset start with 2xxx or 2-xxx, etc...


Acc# - Account code for the master file.
Acc Name - Account description for the master file.
Acc Type - Type of account.
Retain - Retained Earning, only 1 account will be selected as retained earning, and must be setup before Year End processing.


Detail screen is disable when in browse mode, press insert / edit button to add / edit account info.





Click the account drop down list to select proper account type.

After all data entered, click save to persist changes or cancel to revert changes.


Click clip0017 to Add new account

Click clip0019 to Delete account

Click clip0020 to Edit account

Click clip0030 to Save account

Click clip0031 to Cancel Add / Edit account