Bank Reconciliation

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Bank Reconciliation - The process of matching and comparing figures from accounting records against those presented on a bank statement.


Less any items which have no relation to the bank statement, the balance of the accounting ledger should match the balance of the bank statement on monthly basis.


It also allows individuals to compare their personal bank account records to the bank's records of the individual's account balance in order to uncover any possible discrepancies.



Click clip0017 to Add new bank reconciliation record

Click clip0019 to Delete bank reconciliation record

Click clip0020 to Edit bank reconciliation record

Click clip0030 to Save bank reconciliation record

Click clip0031 to Cancel Add / Edit bank reconciliation record




Serial# - Running no that auto increment for every record added.
Bank Name - Select the bank to populate statement data. Data populate from GL, AR and AP transactions.
Acc Year, Acc Month - Financial period to reconcile bank statement.
Opening Amt - Automatic retrieve last month balance.
Closing Amt - Closing Amt as at statement closing.
Details Serial# - Auto increment no for details
Tran Type - Transaction Type for the transaction details
1.GNLJNL - General Ledger
2.ARCHQ - Customer Payment
3.APCHQ - Cheque Payment (To Vendor)


Memo - Description of the transaction
Date - Date of the transaction
Acc Amt - Amount of the transaction
(R) - Check this box to reckon the transaction, Total Recon Amt will be shown at the bottom
Recon Amt - If (R) checked, this column will show the amount reckon.


Note that Acc Amt must be tally with the Recon Amt or the record won't be save.