Customer Invoice

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Customer Invoice - This is the major screen for Account Receivable, use to keep track invoices of customer.


User may sort the info by clicking the column header such as Invoice# / Customer.


Click clip0017 to Add new invoice.

Click clip0019 to Delete invoice.

Click clip0020 to Edit invoice.

Click clip0030 to Save invoice.

Click clip0031 to Cancel invoice.


The auto double entry is done by the settings in company setup.



Import D.O. - Import Delivery Order from Inventory
Invoice# - Invoice no, can be anything, but is recommended that user use serial running code to ease the keep track.
Customer# - Select Customer.
Date - Transaction Date for this invoice.
Terms - Created in customer setup.
Due Date - Due Date of the invoice base on customer setup.
Memo - Default value extract from notes of customer setup.
Disc. Date - Discount allowed if payment do before this date.
Disc(%) - Discount percentage if pay before Disc. Date.
Acc Year - Account Year for this invoice.
Acc Period - Period no of the invoice, user may want to change this field if doing future / back dated transaction.
Currency - Currency for this customer
Curr Rate - Currency rate for the selected currency.
Tax#1 - Default from customer setup. See customer setup / tax setup
Tax#2 - Default from customer setup.
Total Amt - Total of details' amount.
Paid Amt - Total Paid amount for this invoice.
Item# - Item code / no
Item Name - Description of Item.
U. Price - Unit Price
Qty - No. of Qty.
Dc(%) - Discount in percentage.
Total Amt - (U.Price * Qty) - Dc(%)
Domestic Amt - Total Amt * Curr Rate.


Use cursor up down to select D.O. to import, press <Enter> or click the OK button to confirm.


The selected D.O. Items will be Imported into Customer Invoice for billing and invoice printing.


D.O. will only update stock account and stock level, customer invoice will update account receivable and credit sales.


Click the clip0077 button to show the report menu.

Customer Invoice Listing - Print Invoice listing base on login start, end date.

Customer Invoice - Invoice printing for customer.

Customer Invoice with Tax - Print the total Tax collected to be submitted to the government.


Customer Invoice Listing.


Customer Invoice.


Customer Invoice With Tax.