Customer Payment

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Customer Payment - Customer Payment for invoice issued.


Invoice listed to pay is filter by customer and within login start and end date.


Click clip0017 to Add new payment.

Click clip0019 to Delete payment.

Click clip0020 to Edit payment.

Click clip0030 to Save payment.

Click clip0031 to Cancel payment.


Cheque No - Cheque no received from customer.


Customer - Select customer who pay.


Bank - Select bank to bank in the cheque / money.


Date - Payment Date.


Currency - Select currency to match the invoice currency. (unmatch currency will cause inconsistent tracking of payment).


Currency Rate - Rate of currency exchange to calculate domestic amt.


Acc Year, Acc Period - Financial Period of the payment.


Amount - Key in the amount to pay for verification purpose.



Click the clip0077 button to show the report menu.

Customer Receipt Listing - Payment Transaction Listing.

Customer Receipt - Official Receipt for printing of current record.


Customer Payments


Official Receipts