Customer Setup

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Customer Setup - This is require by customer invoice, user must at least add a customer record.



Click clip0017 to Add new customer.

Click clip0019 to Delete customer.

Click clip0020 to Edit customer.

Click clip0030 to Save customer.

Click clip0031 to Cancel customer.




Customer# - Customer Code


Name - Customer Name


Reg. Code - Business Registration No / Tax No


Address - Company mailing address


Disc Day - Discount days, no of day start from invoice date to allow discount of invoice amount. Use as default setting in the invoice, can be override during invoice creation.


Disc(%) - percentage to discount if falls within Disc Day. For example (10) : If invoice date (DD/MM) 01/04/2007 then discount can be apply before or on 11/04/2007


Due Date - No of Days before invoice payment due, for informational purpose.


C.D.D - Cash on Delivery.


Suspended - Indicate the customer record has been suspended and will not be allow to enter new invoices.



Credit Limit - Credit limit o the customer, for informational purposePhone, Fax - Contact no.


Currency - Default currency to be use in invoice.


Sales# - salesman code


Cust. Type# - Current customer type.


Email - Email of the contact person.


WebPage - Company web pages


Notes - Default memo note to be show in the invoice, can be overridden during invoice creation.


Contact - Other contact person info.


Tax Related - Allow setup of tax info to be use in the invoice, maximum 2 taxes allowed in the invoice.


Ship Info - shipping information, this will show in the invoice header.