Delivery Order

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Delivery Order will deduct inventory balance and do double entry for

1. Inventory Account

2. COGS Account


For Account Receivable and Credit Sales, user must enter customer invoice separately / import Delivery Order in the customer invoice screen.


Click clip0017 to Add new Delivery Order.

Click clip0019 to Delete Delivery Order.

Click clip0020 to Edit Delivery Order.

Click clip0030 to Save Delivery Order.

Click clip0031 to Cancel Delivery Order.



Key in negative qty to receive item return from customer, remember to import in customer invoice too. (Or manually key in GL without invoice)


DO# - Delivery Order Number.


Warehouse - Stock deducted from this warehouse.


Customer - Ship to customer.


Tran Date - Delivery Order Date.


Acc Year / Month - Period for auto entry to account.


Shipping Address - Default to selected customer, can be override later.


Warehouse at the bottom indicates item may receive from other warehouse(s).


Item# - Press <Space> to activate Search Item dialog.


Search Item dialog.


Print Invoice.


Invoice Listing.