Distribution Order

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Distribution Order is use to distributes stock from 1 warehouse / outlet to multiple warehouse(s) / outlet(s).


Click clip0017 to Add new distribution order.

Click clip0019 to Delete distribution order.

Click clip0020 to Edit distribution order.

Click clip0030 to Save distribution order.

Click clip0031 to Cancel distribution order.



DTO# : Distribution Order Code.


From : Original warehouse to be transfer to.


Add To : Destination warehouse(s) / outlet(s) to receives  the item.


DTO Date : Distribution Order Date.


Year / Month : Current Inventory Year Month period.


Item# - Item Code, use space to select items or just key in the item code.


Item Name - Item description.


Qty - Quantity.


Unit Price - Price of Items.


Total Price - Total Price of items (Qty * Unit Price)