Financial Report Template

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Financial Report Template - User must setup the template first before any financial report can be shown.


There are 7 type of Template :

1.Balance Sheet - Compare Budget
2.Balance Sheet - Simple
3.Balance Sheet - Compare Year


4.Profit & Lost - Compare Budget
5.Profit & Lost - Compare Month
6.Profit & Lost - Simple
7.Profit & Lost - Compare Year


Click clip0017 to Add new Template

Click clip0019 to Delete Template

Click clip0020 to Edit Template

Click clip0030 to Save Template

Click clip0031 to Cancel Add / Edit Template




Serial# - Auto increment running no.
Copy New Template - Copy current template into new record to ease the creation for other template.
Template Name - Description of the template
Template Type - Type of Template
Detail Name - Printed description in financial reports.
Detail Type - There are 5 types :
1.Heading - Title without amount value
2.Detail - Account summary with amount value
3.Detail with reverse value - same as detail but value reverse
4.Total - Total up of Detail's amount
5.Total with reverse value - same as total but value reverse

From Account, To Account - Account range to be added to Detail.

Add to Total - Indicate current Detail to be added into the Detail Name with Total Type.


As Shown in the example screen, Detail Name Bank consists of 2 Banks - RHB Bank & Hong Leong Bank, the total of this 2 banks will be add up and shown in the financial report.


Add to Total - Selected the Asset Total.


Same as Inventory, Account Receivable, the Add to Total Will all be selected as Asset Total to add up the all the Account Details into Asset total.