General Concepts

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System Architecture


Cynics Accounting is a 3-tier design system, so user will notice a small icon on the bottom right of window's task bar clip0035, is the account server that launches every time the system boot up.

Double click the icon and this screen will appear




This is the Admin password screen that allow user on client to Add or Remove company. Default Admin Name  : ADMIN, Default Admin Password : ADMIN, please change immediately after installation.



This is the client login dialog


If user want to create / delete company, they must key in the Admin Name on UserID, and Admin Password on Password.

**Please note that the UserID and Password is also use to login user to the system.


Because of 3-tier design, user can setup and run the server at one machine and multiple client can connected across the different machine.



Accounting Period


Every accounting year there are 12 Periods, accounting period not necessary to be 1st month of the year, user can setup any month of the year to be the 1st month.