General Ledger

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General Ledger / Journal is the account double entry screen for transaction other than Account Receivable and Account Payable.


Mainly use to key in Bank related transaction such as rental / payroll.


Data is keyed in directly to the journal including :

1.Opening balance
2.Purchasing of foreign currency
3.Bank charges and Interest
4.Editing and adjustments to previous journal transaction
5.Differences in conversion of foreign currency to domestic currency
6.Inventory for goods received


Click clip0017 to Add new Journal

Click clip0019 to Delete Journal

Click clip0020 to Edit Journal

Click clip0030 to Save Journal

Click clip0031 to Cancel Add / Edit Journal



Debit - Amount Key in as positive will be debit.

Credit - Amount Key in as negative will be credit.

Jnl# - Auto runing serial no.


Vourcher# / Cheque# - Record vourcher or cheque no.


Memo - Description of this record operation.


Date - Transaction date, default date follows business date on Login Screen.


Total - Auto calculated total in debit.


Acc Year - Current Accounting Year.


Acc Month - Current Accounting Month.


Currency# - Currency for current transaction, below currency# is currency rate.


Total Debit - Total of the debit amount.


Total Credit - Total of the credit amount.


Difference - Show the difference of Total Debit and Total Credit, if Difference is not 0.00 user cannot save data.