General Features

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Navigation Treeview & Navigator Bar


This is main screen menu with Navigation Treeview on the left site of the screen, Right site is the individual screen navigator.


User can resize the Navigation Treeview by moving the mouse cursor in the center, wait till the cursor change to resize icon, the hold left click and drag the cursor to resize the control.

Navigation Bar


First This function will bring you to the very first record of a function window/form.


Prior The Prior function will bring you to the previous record when you click on it.


Next The Next function will bring you the next record in the function window/form.


Last The Last function will bring you to the last record in the function window/form.

Navigation Menu


Add This function will insert a new record to the screen.


Delete Delete function will delete the current record or any selected record when clicked on.


Save Save function will save changes made to the current record.


Cancel Cancel function will cancel the latest or a selected detail entered in a record.


Drop Down List Box This box or button is generally located next to a detail text box. When clicked on, it will display a list for your reference and selection.


Ellipse Button The ellipse button next to a detail box will generally call out a search detail popup window.



Calendar - easy reference when ever you need to key in a date. The calendar can be display by clicking on the drop down list box next to a date text box.


Master / Transaction Screen


Browse tab - To browse / delete data only, click on the column name to sort data by the column name


Details tab - To View details of the particular record and to Add, Edit and Delete the particular record.