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Cynics Accounting is a complete, simple and integrated accounting system that will keep tract or record all your business account and obtain all the accounting information immediately.  It is designed to be systematic, user friendly and easy to access.


This accounting system consisting of General Ledger(GL), Account Receivable(AR), Account Payable(AP), Inventory and Master Setting


General Ledger: This module enables you to track actual financial data and budget in order to produce the financial statements.


Account Receivable: This module enables you to track customer payment and invoice.


Account Payable: This module enables you to track vendor payment and invoice.


Inventory: This module enables you to track stock and inventory level.


Master Setting: Master file enables you to sort or tailor the financial data in order to meet your business requirement.



Cynics accounting also allow keep track of multiple company information, multi currency transaction and general taxation. All transaction will be recorded and calculated online by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server trigger and Stored Procedure, processing speed is fast.


By using Microsoft SQL Server Express, user data can now hold up to 4 GB, additional volume requirement can be easily upgraded to retail version of Microsoft SQL Server.