Item Master

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Item# - SKU no. (Stock Keeping Unit Code) to represent the stock in computer.


Description - Item description.


Item Type - Type of Item - Default setup Normal / Service.


U.Price - Unit price.


Cost - Standard cost of item. Current system only support standard costing.


Memo - Remark for the item.


Click clip0017 to Add new item.

Click clip0019 to Delete item.

Click clip0020 to Edit item.

Click clip0030 to Save item.

Click clip0031 to Cancel item.



Accounts - Account entry for current item.


COGS Account - Cost of Good Sold Account - Expenses Type

Inventory Account - Value of Received / On Hand Inventory


Inventory value need to be adjust in General Ledger from time to time if

1. Override to receiving cost / multiple receiving cost.

2. Change to item standard cost after receiving / adjustment done.


In real live, cost always change, so it is necessary to adjust on hand inventory with accounting inventory value.


When adjusting the value, user should key in the variance amount in double entry (Inventory, COGS) and made Inventory Account value = Items Total Cost.


Color - Color of the item (Optional)

Size - Size of the item (Optional)

ItemGrp - Item with Color/Size Group name.

Class1 - Categorize items in classes, this is first class, can be use as brand too.

Class2 - Second classification.


Support up to 5 barcodes.