Item Receive

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When item arrived in warehouse, user must key in the D.O. received into Item Receive.


Click clip0017 to Add new Item Receive.

Click clip0019 to Delete Item Receive.

Click clip0020 to Edit Item Receive.

Click clip0030 to Save Item Receive.

Click clip0031 to Cancel Item Receive.



Key in negative qty to enter stock return out to vendor.


Rcv# - Any receiving code or D.O. No from Vendor.


Warehouse - Select warehouse to receive stock.


Vendor - Vendor for current shipment of stock.


Memo - Remark.


Tran Date - Receiving date.


Total Amount - Total Amount of receiving.


Acc Year - Accounting / Stock Year.


Acc Month - Accounting / Stock Month.


Item# - Key in Item Code / press space to select item.


Key in the Item# to perform incremental search.


Can select Ctrl+1 to search Item#

Ctrl+2 to search Description.

Ctrl+3 to search Group

Ctrl+4 to search Barcode (Regardless Barcode 1 ..5)


Key in the description and press <Ctrl+Space> to start searching




Use cursor up down to select, then <Enter> key to confirm.