Plug-in Architecture

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Figure 15


Cynics Accounting is design to be plug-able in the system, developer can easily extend the functionality and employ auto update function to the application. (Auto update solution is not included)


CSAccountDatabaseIntf - The shared interface between Server and Client, must deploy at server and client.

CSAccountSvr - The Server executable to be launch every time the Server boot up.

CSAccPayable - Account Payable Module.

CSAccReceivable - Account Receivable Module.

CSCommon - Common Library.

CSGLedger - General Ledger.

CSReadModules - Module Reader for Plug-in system, must read the module info into the database before client program can be loaded.

CSReports - Reporting Module.

CSSystem - System Module.

CynicsAccounting - Client executable that load module definition from database.