POS Login

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Figure 1

First thing when first time logon, user must do some settings to connect to back end server.


Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S


Figure 2

DEFAULT_COMP : The company database to connect to.


clip0235 This is the company to connect to.


If the company name is DEMO, then the DEFAULT_COMP will be DEMODB. Add DB to the company name.


DEFAULT_CURR : Default currency# / tender#.


DEFAULT_VIEW_PERIOD : Date range of the view period as in figure 1. (Start Date - End Date)




PRINTER_PORT : LPT1:, LPT2:, LPT3:...Please must add colon ":" to every LPT1~LPT10.


RCPFOOTER1 : Receipt footer message 1st line.


RCPFOOTER2 : Receipt footer message 2nd line.

RCPFOOTER3 : Receipt footer message 3rd line.


RCPHEADER1 : Receipt Header 1st line.


RCPHEADER2 : Receipt Header 2nd line.


RCPHEADER3 : Receipt Header 3rd line.


RCPHEADER4 : Receipt Header 4th line.


WELCOMEMSG1 : Customer Display 1st Line (20 chars)


WELCOMEMSG2 : Customer Display 2nd Line (20 chars)


Admin and password must first be set at POS Back-end's POS User Setting.


E button : Must provides UserID and Password for Server. Use to set current terminal outlet.


If cancel button from login screen pressed, the synchronize dialog will appear to download master files (especially first time usage, to download POS users security data, etc. UserID, Password).


Press connect then close. Relaunch the POS Front-end form.