POS Main Screen

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This is the main screen for Point of Sales System.


Left site is the menu for Operation Keys. (Please note that the button for display only, no function implemented).


Scan the barcode item directly or use the <Space> to launch item dialog.




Use Up Down key to select item or


Ctrl+1 - Search for Item Code.

Ctrl+2 - Search for Item Description.

Ctrl+3 - Search for Item Group.

Ctrl+4 - Search for Barcode.


Use <Ctrl+Space> to start the search. Use <Enter> to confirm selection.




The record is entered and default qty to 1, if select the same item again, qty will be added accordingly.


From here user may :

1. F3 to do discount

2. F4 to do price override

3. F8 to delete current record.

4. F10 to Subtotal the sales.


If After F10 subtotal sales, pressing F3 will result in Receipt discount instead of item discount.


After all sales key in, user can just close the form to log off or connect to internet, then press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C to activate the Synchronize data screen.




Press Connect button.





Press close button. All data is synchronized and user may access POS Back-end system to check the sales data.