POS Sales Posting

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POS Sales data will be post to account through this screen.



Click clip0017 to Add new POS Sales Posting.

Click clip0019 to Delete POS Sales Posting.

Click clip0020 to Edit POS Sales Posting.

Click clip0030 to Save POS Sales Posting.

Click clip0031 to Cancel POS Sales Posting.


Sales# : Automatic running no.


Date : Date of current document created.


Cash, Sales, Tax, Discount Account : Setup at POS Settings


From Outlet / To Outlet : Select range of outlets to post, default all outlets selected




From Date / To Date : Default range of dates to current month.


Acc Period : Sales post to Acc. Year / Acc. Month.


Outlets : Outlet Name.


Cash Amt : Cash Amount for current outlets.


Sales : Sales Amount before Discount; If "Price with Tax" checked in POS Settings, Sales amount included Tax Amount, else exclude.


Discount Amt : Discounted amount per item and per receipt.


Total Amt : Total Amount of current outlet within date range.


All account(s) info will be automatically post to Account History & Balance after save. Any modification will automatically reflected at Account History & Balance.