Rapid Application Development

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Visual Studio .NET 2005 is a very powerful R.A.D. tools, but internet resources seldom teach us how to utilize these functions. Cynics Accounting is develop through R.A.D. tools in Visual Studio .NET, developer can easily extend the functionality with R.A.D. tools.



Figure 1


Figure 1 shows the dataset designer features, many developer find that dataset designer inflexible and hard to debug; In fact dataset designer is a very powerful and flexible tools once the developer get use to it. Developer can save a lots of time in general operations.



Figure 2

The InsertCommand, SelectCommand and UpdateCommand can be easily extend to support updates of multiple join tables.


Basically 1 form screen consists of 1 dataset designer, sometime 1 dataset might share few forms.




Figure 3

Figure 3 shows the TOTAL_AMT is a calculated field with the formula shows in Expression - (UNIT_PRICE * QTY) - (UNIT_PRICE * QTY * DISCOUNT /100), and this is not end of story, more complex expression for master and details can be easily done here !



Figure 4


The Total Debit and Total Credit can be easily done by using dataset designer + calculated field !



Figure 5


This is the powerful .net control DataGridView with Button and Lookup control - Acc Name is lookup by using Acc# fields, no extra programming involve but just few clicks !


Many forum shows that Datagridview is slow and not user-friendly, but that is just depending on the application design.