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The Start Date and End Date specifies to the system the period or range of information that the system should display or extract for you. This function ensures that the system will only retrieve selected range of data and not retrieve all the data in the server hence slowing down your computer processing speed.


Business Date. Business Date or transaction date refers to the date whereby the records entered will be dated. By default the date will follow your computer system date. If you wish to back-date your transactions you can do so by changing the business date.

This is the logon screen for all companies.


Default login data :


Password : ADMIN


** The User ID and Password will load at default


Press clip0009 button to Add new company.


User ID. Refers to the user name or identification used to gain entry. Once a User ID is set into the system, Cynics Accounting will only allowed legitimate user to gain access to the system.


Password. Password is used to reinforce the security and integrity of this system. It helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system.


Start Date. Start date refers to the starting of a transaction period. The system will only call out information beginning with that date.


End Date. End date refers to the end date of a transaction period.




1.Key in MySample in the Company Name, Database Name will be auto entered.


2.If sample data is checked, some sample data will be created with the date range of January 1 2007 to March 31 2007.


3.Enter / click OK button.


1.Click the sample date label


2.Start Date and End Date will set at sample data default date range


3.If the date range is incorrect, user might not see the data


4.Enter / Click Ok button to login