Vendor Settings

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Vendor Settings - This is require by vendor invoice, user must at least add a vendor record.


Click clip0017 to Add new vendor.

Click clip0019 to Delete vendor.

Click clip0020 to Edit vendor.

Click clip0030 to Save vendor.

Click clip0031 to Cancel vendor.


Vendor# - Vendor Code.


Name - Vendor Name.


Reg. Code - Business registration no / Tax no.


Address - Mailing Address for vendor.


Phone, Fax - Contact no for the supplier.


Terms - Terms allowed by the supplier, informational purpose only.


Due Day - No of days from the invoice date before payment due.


Disc. Day - No of days from invoice date that allowed by the vendor to give discount when user do payment. For example (10) : If invoice date (DD/MM) 01/04/2007 then discount can be apply before or on 11/04/2007  .


Discount(%) - Discount percentage if pay within Disc. Day.


Currency - Default currency for the supplier.


Webpage - Webpage Address for the supplier.


Email - Email Address for the supplier.


Contact - Contact persons' info of the supplier.


Invc Desc - Default invoice Memo on the Vendor Invoice.


Notes - Additional notes for the supplier, informational purpose only.


Vendor Listing of current Browse Records.